Little Bud began as a fresh take on online flower delivery. This has evolved into a journey of understanding the significant human and environmental impact of the flower industry.

LITTLE BUD is a fresh and fair flower company.  We want to make it easier for people to buy ethically sourced flowers. We will launch our full service –  gifting and home subscription of ethical flowers in a couple of months.

While we’re working on our big launch, we’re also happy to provide contemporary botanical decorations for events, create bespoke corporate gifting bunches or hosting fun floral workshops with a group.

We will offer three sizes of bouquets for sale on our site in a new design every week, using only three types of beautiful stems that are fairly grown and naturally in season. You just pick time (afternoon or evening), place (any London postcode) and frequency (as a one-off gift, or a weekly subscription), and we’ll get the blooms on the road.


Our aim is to do for flowers what the organic and fair-trade movements have done for food and clothes. We will innovate at every step of the supply chain from farm to vase: by sourcing flowers from ethical farms (in the UK where possible, supplemented with fair-trade farms overseas), buying seasonal flowers, use recyclable packaging and environmentally friendly delivery methods where we can.

Our style takes inspiration from our founders’ heritage: a mix of Swedish simplicity with the beauty of the English meadows. Naturally grown flowers don’t need a lot of floristry. Their wild and unruly beauty speaks for itself.

Laura and Georgie are the original little buds. It was at the consulting office that we first got the idea of starting a business that would make it easier for people to buy beautiful flowers, not only for special occasions but for those everyday moments ‘just because’.

When we started researching the flower industry we found it isn’t as rosy as it seems. 90% of the flowers you see in stores and online are imported from overseas, often from farms where working conditions are really poor, exploiting the majority female workforce whose livelihoods depend on the flowers we buy. Getting our flowers closer to home doesn’t solve problems. Flowers grown in Holland’s greenhouses have 5 times the carbon footprint of those grown under the sun and flown in from Kenya. It’s estimated that across the industry some 40% of flowers are wasted in transit and retail and will never make it to the vase.

That’s when the seed of creating a flower company with a conscience was planted

We decided to apply our know-how from working in development and sustainability onto our mutual passion for flowers, doing what we both really love.