LITTLE BUD speaks to Wild Child Kitchen

Wild Child Kitchen talks to LITTLE BUD for British Flowers Week

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” To celebrate British Flowers Week, we caught up with Little Bud, a new fresh and fair flower subscription service, offering ethically sourced flowers. We love their whimsical style and dedication to supporting British and Fair Trade flower farms. We met up with the founders, Georgie and Laura, to find out how they came to start Little Bud and their mission to reduce the floral industry’s carbon footprint.”

Tell us about your typical day…

Georgie: I’ll arrive at our flower studio to see the rest of the Little Bud team early in the day. I may kick off the morning speaking with some of our wonderful British flower growers, seeing how the weather is affecting their crop and planning what flowers to have in our upcoming bunches. A lot of my time is also spent on logistics, working with our other partners in streamlining our delivery service and make it as environmentally responsible as possible – from our growers through to our assembly, packaging and delivery. We’re really influenced by other areas of design so to take a break from the more administrative parts of the day, I’ll also keep an eye on interior design, art and style blogs to fuel our creative thinking.

Laura: Sounds like a cliché, but there is really no typical day working at Little Bud. It’s usually a mix of the creative stuff, like doing a photoshoot of newly harvested blooms or planning campaigns, and the more functional stuff, like meeting with our accountant, fixing a bug on our website or responding to a customer enquiry about delivery slots. Usually, what defines a typical day is you have to improvise a bit and learn something new. Perfect for someone who likes to use both halves of their brain, in other words.

What inspires you most about your job?

Georgie: You think I’d be over it, but I always love seeing how naturally beautiful the flowers look when they come in fresh from the farm. When we create a really special arrangement that makes someone’s day that’s a great feeling. On a more personal level, I care deeply about what affect the things we consume has on the planet and other people. Our mission with Little Bud is to use flowers that don’t have a huge carbon footprint, or don’t come from farms where workers are exploited. That means a lot to me. We’re all about happy flowers and happy people at Little Bud!

Laura: I never get over the beauty of flowers either and become especially thrilled when some of my personal favourites like peonies, ranunculus and hydrangea are in season. I love flowers where you can really see the seasons in the way the petals change: like hydrangeas that go from beautifully bright pinks in the summer to pale vintage greens in the autumn. I also love when we get positive feedback from our customers, and when someone tells me they’ve bought our flowers because of their sustainable origins. It may sound cheesy but I’d really like to think we can have a positive impact on the industry.

What do you love doing at weekends?

Georgie: You can take the girl out of the countryside, but you can’t take the countryside out of the girl! I love escaping town for some green space. I’ve also recently taken up rowing so can be seen rowing (very slowly!) down the Thames from Richmond boathouse on the occasional Sunday.

Laura: I love going for a long walk to explore a new part of London (although I’ve lived here for seven years, feel like there’s always something new to see). When I need a break from the city I travel home to Stockholm and go to the archipelago for some fresh air, sea and sauna.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

Georgie: A Tree Surgeon! I was a real tomboy and loved climbing the trees on my family farm, add in dangerous machinery and it was a real dream job.

Laura: A singer, actress or anything that would get me on a stage. I was always the first to perform on any birthday, graduation day or dinner party.  Luckily, self-awareness caught up with me and I realised my singing voice isn’t my greatest attribute.

Favourite childhood food…

Georgie: Jelly, for any meal, any day of the week. I was an easy kid to please, and I’m still pretty sure there’s not many life disasters that can’t be soothed with a delicious strawberry jelly (bunny mould optional).

Laura: I was a fussy kid, and went through different phases such as being a vegetarian (with the exception of Swedish meatballs), not eating anything green, not eating anything from the sea… Always loved pancakes though.

Introducing Wild Child Kitchen

Set up in the summer of 2016, Wild Child Kitchen is London’s new healthful food service for children. Our kitchen is beside Battersea Park in a renovated railway arch, while our office is located just over the river.
Our mission is to inspire the next generation of little foodies with a menu of colourful dishes influenced by cuisines from around the world. Your child’s wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do. That is why our ingredients are organic wherever possible, seasonal and sustainably sourced. We are very proud to work with some of the UK’s leading organic suppliers including Langridge Organic and Rhug Estate. Each of our dishes is made without gluten, dairy or nuts; making our food offering inclusive for little foodies with these particular allergies and intolerances. We never add refined sugar or salt to any of our meals. And to do our bit for the planet’s health, all our packaging is plant-based and biodegradable.