On the hottest day of the year 2017, we invited our favorite little buds for a garden party to celebrate our launch.

It was a great day for posy making, sipping on LITTLE BUD cocktails from The Botanist, get ‘How To Grow’ gardening tips by Hollie Newton and to be surrounded by beautiful decor by Anthropologie!

There were delicious canapes and condiments from Forage Fine Foods, and beyond this exquisite refreshments, Biork and Berries provided our guest with some luxurious and sustainable skincare.

LITTLE BUD’s Botanist Gin Collins 

40 ml The Botanist Gin
50ml hibiscus cordial
10ml lemon
5ml sugar
2ml rose water
Garnish with edible flowers

Our wonderful sponsors
The Botanist
 Hollie Newton
Forage Fine Foods 
Bjork and Berries